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Opportunities for advanced training

The IJP’s advanced formation programme, sponsored by its management institution, UPT, is an ambitious package of joint degrees between the IJP, the Faculty of Law of the University of Maribor and the Faculty of Law of the University of Rijeka, who established a consortium to run, from the beginning of the academic year 2014/2015. Joint international Master programs and two  PhD programmes will follow shortly after, to enlarge the recruitment base, and the consortium welcomes and actively seeks to enlarge the number of participating or cooperating institutions worldwide.

The advanced formation programme aims to allow its partners to compete worldwide to deliver higher legal education in English, thus expanding student’s recruitment base and to transform their traditional activities into an export product. The basic requirements for such goal are a strong research unit with global scope, English as the “official” research and advance formation language and competitive environment for students and researchers to live and work. The first and second requirements are fulfilled by the IJP structure and composition and the format of the advanced formation programme and the third requirement is delivered both by the UPT’s campus and its location in Porto. In fact, living and working conditions in Porto, and also in the cities where the other partners are located, are quite attractive in all aspects: affordable housing and cost of living, nice climate, good accessibilities and vibrant social life.

The advanced formation program will be submitted to National (Portuguese, Slovene and Croatian) and European funding programs and opportunities, whilst simultaneously creating its own revenue. It’s expected a yearly intake of 30 PhD students and 90 MPhil students (overall number for the consortium) in each programme. At cruising speed, the advanced formation program is expected to gather, in the overall of the participating institutions, over 600 advanced formation students (PhD and MPhil).

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